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Why you should not miss nightlife in Taipei at Mayur Indian Kitchen's Indian hookah live bar !? 絕不能錯過的台北夜生活-馬友友印度餐酒水煙館

September 6, 2017

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Xiao case live band | Live Music| Taipei



小case是一個在台北市愛玩的樂團~只要有機會我們會現場表演給大家聽,這五位就會讓大家玩得很high 喔!五位音樂家都是來自不同的音樂背景,把各種音樂類「鳳」格混在一起;不管是爵士,藍調,搖擺,雷鬼,或是有台灣色彩的音樂,各位都會享受聽我們創作的音樂。安晨 (貝斯,歌手), 孫博萓 (主唱,吉他),麥晨宇 (長號) 馬納夫 (爵士鼓), 獅子丸 (吉他) 這四位帥哥跟一位美女就玩得不得了。雖然還是剛組成的樂團,我們已經開始儘量創出自己的歌,而且每一次 cover 歌都會跟原版有點不一樣。透過歌曲創作,我們是一個東方跟西方的混合體;中英文的歌詞,實驗各種不同的音樂種類尋找我們的「鳳」格


Xiao Case
小case is a band located in Taipei, Taiwan who are looking to bring the sweet sounds of jazz, pop, rock, and blues to your earholes. 小case is always looking to experiment and blend new sounds to make them our own with the help of each individual member’s diverse background! Addi (bass, vox), Vicky (vox, guitar), Francis (trombone), Manav (drums), and Shi Ziwan (guitar) have learned to combine their powers for good over the past few months to create a sound that’s sure to catch your ear from across the room. Our original songs are hybrids, with influence from each musician’s musical and cultural upbringing, blending aspects of both the west and east, English and Mandarin, in a style unique to one band in Taiwan: 小case.

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