MiK restaurant bar & MIK-6 live music house in Taipei, Taiwan is Mayur Indian Kitchen's sixth consecutive restaurant in row which serves bbq/grill, Veg. and Non veg. Tandoori snacks, live music, International performances, belle dance, Indian DJ and many more, one can find variety of alcoholic / non alcoholic drinks, cocktails along with Indian style customized drinks.


Each Mayur Indian Kitchen has FaceBook messenger, you can use it for bookings.

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Why you should not miss nightlife in Taipei at Mayur Indian Kitchen's Indian hookah live bar !? 絕不能錯過的台北夜生活-馬友友印度餐酒水煙館

September 6, 2017

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Why should the friends of Indian and Taiwanese visit at Mayur Indian Kitchen Taipei , Taiwan ? 印度和台灣朋友一定要拜訪的印度餐廳

September 7, 2017






全新的印度餐酒吧也就是MIK’sutras BBQ Hookah Bar或簡稱MIK6 多元素的特色吸引印度和台灣的朋友們前往體驗豐富的印度文化

Mayur Indian Kitchen serving Indian food in Taipei, Taiwan in the heart of city since 2008 and in this year in 2017, it is MIK’s sixth consecutive restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan. In recent years both, people of Taiwan and India has given Mayur Indian Kitchen unparalleled heights in the hospitality industry of Taipei.

Mayur has tried to do things differently every year and this time, it’s an Indian late night hookah bar which also serves Indian snacks and main course along with live bands, Indian or International performances, bollywood dance, belly dance and much more.

The new Indian bar in Taipei is known as MIK’sutras bbq hookah bar or MIK-6 in short which has many salient features to attract Indian and Taiwanese friends.


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